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When I was looking for ear buds everyone recommended another well known brand as the best. I have absolutely no knowledge or experience with this technology. I took a chance & ordered these strictly because they were purple. When I received them they took less than 5 minutes to set up & pair to my phone & Kindle Fire blue tooth. VERY easy to use and are just wonderful. One of the people who highly recommend the better known brand tested these out. She said these were the best she had ever used!!! Now she is giving her old skull buds to a friend & will be buying a pair of these. I have trouble hearing and using these makes conversation & music sound like it did in my twenties!!!


ove these earbuds. I love the different colors they come in. I chose the purple ones though because it’s my favorite color. I love the charging case they come with. The magnetic inside pulls them right into place to charge. The whole case charges and then you can recharge the earbuds with just the case if you have too. I use these while I’m at work. I’m a housekeeper at a hotel so I’ll only have one in at a time. The battery on these lasts longer than my phone, especially if only using one at a time. At first I thought they died after a couple hours but it was actually my radio app I was using was just buffering. When these actually die they’ll tell you “battery low” about 3 times and then say “powering down”. They were super easy to connect to my iphone. Just took them out of the case, they would say “ready to connect “, found them on my iphone and told it to connect, earbuds said “connected”. Now whenever I pull them out, they automatically connect to my phone.

Althea R. Wilkinson

I love these earbuds. I bought both my bf and me someone pink and one black. Both of them work really well. The sound quality is amazing for the price. Everyone can hear me clearly on the phone. The box is compact and is easy to take with you anywhere. The battery life is really good I had one bud in for 6 hours at work consistently listening to music and it didn't die until after I got off.. they charge up within 1 hr and the charging case charges pretty quickly as well but hasn't timed it yet. I use the earbuds every day and didn't need to charge the case for 2 days. It comes with different size ear pieces so it's sure to fit anyone. I really like that it automatically connects to my phone when I take them out of the case, so I don't have to go to settings and all that just to use them. They claim to have IPX8 and so far they have passed the test for wearing them in the shower and sweating. I changed the song with wet hands and it still works properly


ANC mode

Bring you to a quieter environment and listen to immersive music

Personality Design

IP68 certified waterproof, fitted built-in waterproof ring

Waterproof case

Wilbur waterproof case support takes phones & videos underwater

IPX8 Waterproof

The phone pouch is specially designed for outdoor activities